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Welcome to the Forum for Political Discussion on LiveJournal!

Political Parties in the US

Republican National Commitee
Democratic National Commitee
LIbertarian Party
Green Party
Socialist Party

LJ Ideological Communities
anarchists (anarcho-socialism)
greenanarchy (green ideology/anarchism/eco-terrorism(?))
greenparty (green ideology)
imaliberal (liberalism)
liberal (liberalism)
libertarianism (libertarianism)
marxchat (Marxism)
marxism (Marxism)
radaware (radicalism in general)
redproletariat (communism)
rightist (conservatism)
socialists (socialism)

1. NO advertising other communities unless they deal with politics or political events.
2. Comments must be enabled on posts, this is a discussion community, and without comments, there is no discussion.
3. Long posts, multiple pictures, or large pictures must be placed behind an LJ-Cut.

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